Letters of Accord

  • Do you enjoy delving into the mysteries of life?
  • Do you look at God, Society and the Universe as one big puzzle that you would like to solve?
  • Do you enjoy knowing the truth behind many of the aspects of society that we just have been conditioned to accept as truth?
  • Do you have your own theories of life that you would like insights on?
  • Do you love to challenge your viewpoint on life?
  • Do you long to have a special discourse on topics that others dare not share?
  • Are you tired of living by rules and standards that are based on a man-made agenda?
  • Do you question everything?

Letters of Accord is inspired letters that reveal the truth behind antiquated practices.
It is a series of channeled letters from the Ancient Ones who guide our spiritual endeavors on this planet.
It shares insights and truths that enlighten the reader without tiptoeing around social norm and dogma.
It bridges the gaps between current belief systems and Universal truths. It is a means to reacquaint the willing reader to Universal truth and helps them discover how to discern truth for themselves.

Letters of Accord Excerpt

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