Let Me Tell You About this Guy….

Here is my reply when someone tells me about the actions of a negative person:

Why are you bringing this ignorance to me? I don’t want to give any energy to this. This point of view doesn’t deserve space in this world. Why give it any?

When we give something our attention, we shine Light on it. What is worthy of Light? When is it necessary to withdraw all attention from something? Sometimes politeness is not the first factor to consider. When we are the mouthpiece of negativity, they may not notice your hints that you do not want to partake. You may have to be more obvious about withdrawing from a situation. If people are offended, it may be because you are ripping illusion from them, not necessarily that you are rude. It is good to know the difference. Doing everything for love of all is the rule of thumb. Listening to negativity isn’t loving at all.

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