“Lending” Assistance

If we try to help someone who is not ready for help, it can be a futile waste of our energy. Many times the dynamic of someone lending money ends in contempt. The person who receives the gift usually ends up not paying it back and becomes angry with the person who gave them the gift. They end up seeing the gift giver through the lens of their own greed.

This happens while helping people energetically too. If a person is not ready for assistance, or has not learned every thing from an experience, they will end up resenting the person who has assisted them. They will see them through the lens of contempt. That is why the Energy facilitator has to be so keenly tuned in to the dynamics of the moment and assist only those that will not bring wear and tear on them after the assistance is rendered.

Everything that cracks is not broken. It is an excruciating process to open an eggshell from inside, pull our self through a small opening in a cocoon or break free of the human conditioning. All of these processes are necessary steps in the evolution of the individual. People look around and see suffering. I see people freeing themselves from the shells of the human consciousness. I celebrate their fortitude and encourage them from afar. Have not others done that for me?

Giving someone sympathy conveys the wrong message to them. The prefix “sy” means, together with, or the same. The word sympathetic, then, means to feel the same as someone else. When one desires sympathy, they really need assistance to see themselves from a different vantage point than the one they are currently seeing from. Usually they are in the middle of a problem and the problem itself is coloring any request. In Eckart Tolle’s terms, you would be talking to the pain body. The pain body wants to continue to exist so it needs to create drama.

To truly assist someone, refuse to see them as anything but capable and empowered to move through their experience. Offer them insight on how capable you know that they are. Give them a lot of encouragement and send love from afar.

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