A woman on the other side of the country rescued a horse that was badly abused. It was born wild. The people who had it, kept it tied very tight to a fence as a form of control. They kept it so tight that imprints from the fence were embedded into the horse’s body. They were going to shoot it in the head and be done with it. This wonderful woman was willing to adopt it and spend its life trying to rehabilitate it. She would report about the hopelessness of the situation and the lack of progress on twitter. She could not even get near the 3 yr old and was discouraged. I offered my services.

A chestnut mare named LiLu

LiLu, the rescued horse.

In the remote session. I tuned into the horse right away. She was born wild and was pretty standoffish with the other horses because she felt better than them. This didn’t go over too well with them and so she had no friends among the other horses. She knew about red and white peppermint from the other horses and was curious about it. I brought this up to the woman and she laughed. The horses would get candy canes at the holidays.

The horse asked for some candy canes and wanted all the other horses in the barn to get some and to know it was because of her that they received it. The woman was going to make this happen. Also, she was terrified of men and of being petted. There was a lot she didn’t understand about the dynamics of living a tame life. I explained how it was different from in the wild and gave her reference points for being a tame horse. I also released a lot of her angst. Too much to even articulate as she couldn’t even make sense of the trauma herself.

After the session, the woman went out to the barn and gave all the horses peppermint candy. That same day she was able to actually pet the horse she named LiLu for the first time. In one week she was able to ride LiLu. AND her husband was able to interact with her as well. At last report, LiLu had a couple of horse friends and was starting to feel like she belonged. It was a good session!

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