Knock First!

At some point you are going to have to decide whether you are going to be nice and polite and let everyone come and go into your home at will, or are you going to honor your self by locking your own doors and windows and allowing only to those who respect your home to enter?

What if they don’t realize that you work diligently to keep your home clean? What if they have no idea what a clean home is supposed to look and feel like? What if they stop over all the time uninvited? What if they get offended at you asking them to use a coaster and take their muddy boots off before they sit on your white sofa. What if they spill and stain everything that you have collected to bring you a sense of well-being and comfort. What if they have no idea what they are doing? Would you allow it? If so, how long?

What if they are hoarders? What if they have so filled up their house that they need a place to bring more stuff? What if they collect items from around the neighborhood and just start bringing all their junk into your house; taking over room after room after room? Are you going to be nice?
What if they have never lifted a finger to clean their own home? Does it matter? What if everyone just comes and goes in everyone’s home in the neighborhood and it is the accepted norm? Are you going to join in?

This is what plays out many times a day with our own state of well-being. Your state of consciousness is your home. And all who tread in it, should respect and honor your boundaries. Their lack of caring, awareness, abilities to respect it are not your concern. When are you going to stop being polite? When are you going to stop listening to every problem that people bring at you! When are you going to lock your own doors? When are you going to respect you own level of emotional and psychological hygiene?

When are you going to stop being flattered that people want to come in? Of course they do. You are a wonderful host. But it makes more energetic sense to teach others how to knock before they come in; and to use the coaster. A pristine state of well-being is priceless and if once in a while you have to shut the door, give yourself that guilt free permission. Sometimes it is a necessary step in self-care.

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