Jen WardJen Ward is an Ascended Master.

This entails being a Reiki Master, gifted healer, inspirational speaker, author of many books and an innovator of a healing modality for self empowerment. She offers a simple but dynamic protocol to assist individuals in clearing up all their energy imbalances (karma) with every person, experience, belief system and the Universe. She enables all those struggling, to cross the bridge of self-discovery, with her encouragement and instruction. Her passion is to empower the world by encouraging all individuals in their own miraculous healing adventure.

Jen is considered a Sangoma.

A traditional African shaman who channels ancestors, and clears energy by Reiki Master Jen Wardemoting sounds and vocalizations. An interesting prerequisite to being a Sangoma is to have survived being on the brink of death. When it was first revealed that Jen was a Sangoma, she had not yet fulfilled the rigorous prerequisites necessary. However, in April 2008, through a series of traumas, she returned to civilization meeting all the requirements. She passed through the transforming process of enlightenment. She returned to the world of humanity a devout soul inspired to serve.

Jen currently works diligently in the physical world and in the worlds of energy to assist all souls to reach greater heights of awareness and empowerment. Those who believe they have “arrived”, may be the most entrenched in the mental realms. They can painlessly free themselves without relinquishing the comfort of their current belief system. All that needs to be released will fall away naturally. “Fear, in all its subtle forms of denial and judgement, will naturally fall away.”

Many people report receiving healing assistance from Jen or protection in the dream state and even more subtle realms. Jen is passionate to shatter the mentality of sitting at the feet of another. She shares truth and wisdom graciously and abundantly. Jen makes the practice of doling out truth in increments to set up the dynamic of personality worship obsolete. Her passion is to assist the world over the brink of all perceived limitations, beyond the mind’s scope, into the realms of enlightenment.


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