Introduction to the Star People

Twenty five years ago I was living on the fringe of an old community. The town hero was a rider that had assisted Paul Revere on his famous ride. It was a “charged” environment. The nights were mystical.

I was interested in giving introductory talks of a spiritual nature. I lived very far out in the country and didn’t know too many people in the area so it was not feasible. One charged night, two souls came to me in my imagination. I wasn’t asleep and they weren’t physical. There was a pleasant exchange but I wasn’t aware of talking to them. I just knew what they were asking.

They were conveying that many of them were curious and wanted to know more. I thought it was about the teaching but I now realize, that it was more about engaging with me. We had set up a meeting of some sort and they were going to come back with a group.

I can’t remember if it was that same night or the next that I was conveniently doing nothing at a particular time. It seems that I knew they were coming but not sure how I knew. The room filled with these peaceful, respectful souls. They all came in very politely and sat on the floor in front of me. They stayed for about a half hour and then they started to get up and leave just like any group of people would.

One or two stragglers lingered a bit at the spiritual books I had out but most of them left right away. That was the whole exchange. I always get a good feeling when I think of them. I think the form I received them in was as physical as they could get. But I am hoping that I will get to meet them soon and they will be able to be appear more solid to me now.

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