Integrity is an energetic form of currency that individuals save up, disperse or are deficient in. All forms of currency operate under the same Spiritual Laws of Abundance, Integrity is no different. Energy, like abundance, is our innate state unless we remove ourselves from the flow of it. Maybe if individuals realized how to work with Energetic currencies, they would be less apt to feel victimized and recognize the cause and affects of their actions.

One of the biggest ways to create a deficiency in Energy and integrity is by not following through with what you agree to do. In your heart of hearts you can have all the good intentions in the world, but if your actions don’t carry out your intent, it leaves you weak. It is like your mental energy is walking in one direction, your physical energy is doing something totally different and your emotional energy is torn deciding which path to follow.

When you make promises you don’t keep, those around you quickly learn that you are not reliable. You have weakened yourself. You are like a lender that a bank won’t loan money to. Why should your friends extend themselves to you when you have weakened your own value to return the favor?

When you put conditions on a gift of service it is a passive form of control. It is a subtle form of manipulation. The simple statement, “I will do it when I feel like it”, is a way of devaluing the other person and the gift. The agreed task has been downgraded to a manipulative ploy.

Many people trash talk their employer. It is a way of invalidating themselves. How different the work experience would be if workers thought of their service to the company as a gift and also received their paycheck as a gift. The sense of gratitude would change the whole vibration of the experience.

When friends turn away, we as individuals feel like the victim. It is funny how our own deficiencies go unnoticed. It would be a different community if integrity was instilled at a young age. This would abolish the illusion of absolute entitlement for little in return. The community would recognize the power of their own agreements.

Arguing is one of the most ridiculous wastes of energy. It is like children going back and forth on the playground. It is an immature belief that any one has the power to change a person’s belief system.

We argue as individuals, groups, communities and whole countries. It keeps the participants busy so that they don’t have to deal with their own issues. We argue as a way to prove our superiority over another. It’s a waste of energy; the better approach is to silently demonstrate our strength of character by walking in whatever conditions we have agreed to. Our Character then speaks for itself.

If you are ever around two people that are arguing, make a point to not be drawn into it. If you are able to view the situation from a detached vantage point you will be able to see that it is actually two egos in competition for validation, and not much more.

Once you are able to catch this awareness, you will be able to prevent yourself from dissipating your own energy by being drawn into arguments. Non reaction is a great way to put the ego in check and stand in the empowerment of your own integrity.