How Songland Is Helping Bring About World Peace

jen ward / madame blavatsky on songlandThere is a wonderful new show called Songland that is more than a feel good program. It offers humanity hope in a way that is presently flying under the radar.  It consists of a highly renowned talented superstar and three highly successful songwriters, hearing the songs of average people who have been struggling to get a song published.

These hopeful songwriting enthusiasts get to perform their songs to the panel of the three songwriters and the artist. Their songs are organic and reflect the depth of their journey. The panel gives advice on ways to improve the songs. The viewers get a real understanding of what good song writing entails. The show is a blueprint to the nuts and bolts of writing a hit song.

Three of the songs are selected to be improved; each with the help of one of the three song writers. In lapsed time, the audience gets to hear each of the three improved songs after the mentoring process.  After this, the guest star talent chooses one song to release as a single. At the end of the show, the audience is able to hear the song performed by the artist. They are also able to download it at this time. Songland has amazing ramifications. Here is why it is helping to bring World Peace to Earth.

As it is now, all talent is bought off by the super wealthy and removed from the interaction of humanity. They are put on a pedestal and kept away from the individual so that the individual cannot crack the code on their own success. It prevents the average person from having a means of breaking through all the barriers keeping them away from their own empowerment. As it now, one has to be considered a genius, a freak of nature, driven by incredible pain or passion to break out of conformity and be appreciated for their individuality.

Songlang Assisting in The Awakening of Humanity

It is happening through all those forgotten, hopeless nobodies, to find a pathway to realizing that they are somebody. This is the beginning of a very personal process of self-realization. Self-realization is the very real process of realizing that you are an aspect of God.  Jesus talked about it in explaining what people are saying when they use the phrase “I am”.  The “I am” phrase is a declaration that you are God. When Jesus was saying I am God, he was saying that saying the I Am phrase was exclaiming that you are God. That is why claiming that you are anything negative is a desecration to God. Because if you say I am… and it is followed by a negative, it is disparaging God.

The Awakening of the Planet is Happening. We are no longer in the third dimension but the fifth dimension. That is why it is so easy for me to do dynamic healing. It is because it is already done in energy. I know this and I bring the client to this understanding in energy. All the bullshit that we see around us is merely the creature comforts of the third dimension that haven’t quite fallen away yet. They are humanity’s security blanket as they get used to the vibration of the fifth dimension. They will and are falling away quite efficiently.

Music can help them fall away quicker. Music is the language of God. We are not really physical forms. In metaphysical terms we are emanations of light interwoven with frequency of sound. We are Light Love and Music. So expressing song is speaking to God in its native tongue and reaching the heart of humanity in a clear and concise way. Humanity is awakening to the heart. Music opens the heart. The awakening of humanity entails the masses shifting from being of the mind to being of the heart. This is an open and expansive loving heart.

With the awakening of humanity, will come a renaissance of creative endeavors. The humans have been enslaved in a linear state of consciousness for so long that as they break their chains of conformity, they will celebrate their new found freedom through creative expression. Songland is a means of teaching the apathetic to remove their chains of conformity and break free. It sounds very dramatic but it really is. It is giving hope and a venue for self-expression to the masses. This will create a flood gate of similar shows that exemplify the best in humanity.  But Songland is the first and the original. Of course you don’t have to be musically inclined to share your love, and light. Here is a technique to open the pipelines of love, light and song into the world. Sharing spiritual techniques, truth and healing practices is my way of outflowing into the world. May you feel my love and encouragement in those moments that you feel alone and abandoned.

Songland Breaks Through The Illusion

Part of the trouble with breaking through any industry is the illusion built up around a talent. They are put on a pedestal so as to keep people from believing that they are able to achieve such feats as well. That is a tactic of the power mongers who have shaped society’s narrative.  It is reflected in our concept of Source being an all mighty presence that needs to be praised and worshiped. This keeps the individual at a disadvantage of not discovering their own omnipotence.

God is not on a raised throne, off in the sky wielding commands from afar. This is an outmoded belief system forged in the dark ages. God is an energy force encapsulated in every form of life. God is fluid. God is Love. God is personified in each one of us. When we are kind and present with others, we are demonstrating our god like tendencies. When we give or outflow to the world, we are embracing our empowerment of omniscience. The more we consciously outflow our love, passion, gifts and intentions, the more we are acting in a Godly state. In that way, being a superstar performer is being God like. But only if it is done in the reverence of sharing.

I have a long time client in the music industry. His name is Chad of HoneyChrome. I worked with him in giving him an understanding that being a mega performer was about completely giving of yourself. It has very little to do with receiving. The natural byproduct of giving all of yourself is abundance from the Universe. But to give for the purpose of receiving creates a tin and fleeting results.

Chad has always had the passion to be successful. But when we started working together, he had a preconceived concept of what it was like to be a megastar. He was looking at the fans and the adoring attention. He was not looking at the service on his part and what it took to maintain the level of commitment to the music. I was ruthless to him in my mentoring. I smashed his ego in every way I could to mimic in a short time what the shoals of life would do to him to smooth the edges.

I was ruthless every time I sensed his ego. It was often. I would say anything I needed to to deflate the ego. To him it must have felt like punches to the gut to hear this from the person he respected for their insights. I was giving him a shortcut to all that he would have to endure in the pursuit of his greatness. That is why life is so hard on us. Not to make us suffer but to recalibrate us to be able to accept our own empowerment.

Humility as is taught in the scriptures is wrong. Humility is not thinking the worst of yourself and thinking you are the best at portraying the worst. Humility is embracing your own greatness and yet seeing that greatness in everyone that you encounter. That is why Songland is such a dynamic vehicle to raise the consciousness on the world. It is demonstrating the accurate depiction of humility in these amazing talents that come on the show and help novice songwriters learn how to be superstars.

This demonstration is an upgrade to humanity. It is a depiction of how to truly be humble. By getting to know the megastars off of the stage and seeing them in an interactive role, it is upgrading our concept of God as well. God is not a scary force from afar. God is humanity. Each one of us is a reflection of God. When prayers are sent out into the ethers, they land in the subtle promptings of our fellow humans who are in a position to assist their fellow beings.

Having the ability and the means to get someone’s song looked at, polished and performed is a means to empowering these individuals and teaching them the joy of complete outflow. It is bringing mainstream into the process and allowing the multitudes at home to take the next step of advancement in their own empowerment. Now many people at home who didn’t think they had a chance, have a means to strive for their own empowerment. This is no small feat.

The Importance of Woodstock & The Hippie Movement

If people want to have world peace, they need to withdraw all their energy from the groups that they give allegiance to and learn to think and discern for themselves. This is true empowerment. This is what the hippie movement was about in the sixties. This is the importance of Woodstock.

Woodstock was never about just creating great music. It was about millions of people opting out of the linear existence that they were stuck in. In the nine to five linear world, people exist like they are on a treadmill from birth to death. They are conditioned to go to school, find a job, get married, raise a family, retire, and plan for death. This is the human condition of treating everyone like they are stick figures in a very limited reality. But this was the conditioning and lie.

The hippie movement was about expression and opting out of the nine to five existence. It was about millions of people realizing that the world was too limiting for them and that they had all these myriads of expression in their individuality that was not being tapped in a linear world of nine to five. They discovered that they weren’t stick figures but starbursts of individualized expression and experiences. This self-discovery was an important facet of the hippie movement.

The hippie movement would have continued to advance the world in more joy, love and personal freedom. But it was hit with a bribe in the early eighties. When Ronald Reagan became president, America was hit with a wave of materialism. Everyone seemed to be gaining wealth.   Defense spending was at an all-time high and was used to lull all the disgruntled youth in a new sense of materialism. The hippie movement was squelched. A greater fervor of apathy and self-denial ensued.

In the present day, most new innovations are bought and buried by the power mongers who want to keep us entrenched in dependency to fossil fuel. Of course there are ways to uplift humanity and to better world conditions. But most of them are snatched up by the very wealthy and buried from ever reaching the light of day. Even the most enlightening ways to advance our individuality are kept from being shared through any media.

Social media was a great innovator of our means to connect and share truth. But even that has become so corrupted that it is now used to benefit those who which to keep humanity enslaved. Anyone with an original thought, outlook or ability to teach or inspire higher consciousness is buried in an avalanche of rhetoric and deceit.

Even the way we look at God and our relationship with Source was forged during the dark ages when the holy men literally sold passage to heaven and all references to reincarnation were extracted from the scriptures to support their selling off of heaven. Any new way of looking at our relationship to God is considered heresy and banned from hitting the light of an open mind; if you can find one.

We are so pitted against each other now as one last hurrah to try and keep us enslaved. Because it isn’t our physical body that is being enslaved but our minds and our souls. Those in power squelch our individuality and our ingenuity at every turn. Because they are not only vying for our physical complacency. They are encapsulating our minds and hearts, and wish to dry up the fluid expressions of our creativity and our imagination. In drying up these, they also dry up subtler forms of freedom. They literally sentence us to a spiritual death as well as a physical death.

This is what we have all been experiencing with little understanding or ability to defend ourselves. With limited opportunity, venues for advancement and hope for the future, the world is encapsulated in a form of hell. We have created hell on earth. Or it was created here on earth for us and we maintain it through our complacency.

But world peace has never been about perfection. World peace is about individuals being so enthralled in sharing their gifts that they have no energy or inclination to devote to taking. This is what happiness in truly about. Think of the stereotypical starving artist. They live and breathe their craft. When more and more people come to this experience of expressing life, then we will be on the precipice of world peace.

World peace is not a quiet state where everyone sits around with a hand out. World peace is a dynamic state where everyone is so enthralled in sharing their gifts and talents that it is what consumes them. Think of the goodwill between musicians who are collaborating on a project. Or singers, dancers, script writers, set designers, special effects, makeup artists and all the peripheral specialists it takes to collaborate on a project. Imagine this kind of synergy in every corner of the world. This is more what world peace entails. Giving for the love of sharing one’s passion.

Please know that that loneliness and isolation that you feel was conditioned into every single one of us so we would not crack the code on how connected we really are. You are never alone. You are always connected to me and to everyone who inspires you through the collective. Feeling lonely, hopeless and abandoned is the commonality in us all. So the more you feel it, know that you are amongst others that are feeling the same way. When you feel that way, pour your love into your own depth and you will be feeding it into the collective. You may save so many from giving up just by really understanding how powerful you are in your capacity to love.

Technique: Be a Pipeline of Divine Light, Love and Song into this world.

So many people feel helpless at the current state of the world. Yet they don’t realize what a powerful conduit they are to pour divine Love into the word. If everyone who is feeling helpless, would forgo all worry, opinions and fears, and just start pouring their love into the world, it would make the profound difference they are waiting to see. The world is a big pool but look what has been achieved through history with a Nelson Mandela or a Mother Theresa perpetually pouring their love in to fill it up. Imagine if we all poured our love into the world, while going about our day.

It is a trapping of the ego to feel small and insignificant. Having a little opinion of yourself is having a big ego. Having a sense of your dynamic ability to uplift all those in your awareness, is more in balance. We have all been inspired about the child that decides to make a difference in the world and does. We have all secretly wanted to be that child; and are.

One of the reason television can be considered so bad is that it stops our natural out flowing of energy; so does fear, worry, focusing on problems and commiserating. Commiserating creates a dead eddy of energy between those that indulge in it. All those talk news shows create a massive dead pool of stagnant energy that people swirl around in as the spew what they have contained from being drawn into them. We have seen these people. They can’t be helped in their present condition. Songland stands out in this way.

Here are some taps to do to keep your pipeline of Divine Love pumping flowing out into the world, no matter what you are doing. There are side benefits of course. Maybe one will feel more confident and less insignificant. For those who do feel small, may I suggest when you declare yourself a perpetual pipeline, that you visualize being a HUGE hose and not some itty bitty garden hose? Also, there is an infinite amount of Divine Love. The flow can never dry up. People just cut themselves off from the Flow.

Say each statement 3 times out loud while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest.

  • “I declare myself a perpetual pipeline for Divine Light, Love and Song to pour into this world; in all lifetimes”
  • “I remove all blockages to perpetually pouring Divine Light Love and Song into this World; in all lifetimes”
  • “I stretch my capacity to perpetually pour Divine Light, Love and Song into the world; in all lifetimes”
  • “I Am a perpetual pipeline of Divine Light, Love, Song, Healing, Health, Joy, Beauty, Abundance and Healing into this world; in all lifetimes”
  • “I am uplifted by the process of Divine Light, Love, Song, Healing, Health, Joy, Beauty, Abundance and Healing perpetually flowing through me; in all lifetimes”

These are great taps to do everyday. One may want to even start a journal to write down the shifts that they notice by doing these taps.  Who knows, perhaps when you look at what you wrote later, it may present itself as beautiful lyrics to a heart opening song.

Interested in more SFT taps? Download the Energetic Cleanse here.

Watch the episode of Songland here

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