jen ward & snakeThe visions of the future of the world going down in destruction is obsolete. They could only see a slanted vision from a male point of view. This means the best of them. Those that you have built your spiritual disciplines around.

They were unable to see the shifts in the reality itself caused by the empowerment of female energy. This showed in their negative view of women leaders. What we are experiencing now is a whole shift of vantage point and empowerment that visionaries of the past couldn’t fathom.

The truth is, the shift in consciousness caused by female empowerment is what saves the planet. Things are shifting so quickly. We are all getting a tutorial in how idiotic and corrupt governing parties are that are devoid of female energy. This includes compassion,kindness and expansive inclusiveness.

It is no accident that I do such dynamic energy work and share such wise insights while in a female body. It is no accident that so many wise and empowered people are incarnating in female bodies. The world is desperate for what I and others offer.

What you are seeing now is consciousness outgrowing the primal conditioning that women are evil. I never understood why eve was the bad guy for bringing Adam self awareness. The garden of eden represents the apathy and ignorance that we have tolerated. The snake represents our kundalini energy or tapping into our higher Truth.

Right now Adam is being being urged to eat the apple. Of course we are naked when we have a little understanding of ourselves as energy beings. Our subtle senses Need to be reengaged so that we can expand our consciousness. This is where we are at. This is what conventional religion created by male dominance has been trying to prevent. But it is inevitable.

Go back in all that we have been conditioned to believe. Reassess all the demonizing of women that is threaded through our history. See the corruption that is coming to the head, was always working to thwart our expansion into female empowerment.

In all you do, think, intend and believe, coax Adam to eat that apple. Please Adam, for humanity’s sake, please eat that apple. I have a lot to offer humanity. So do you. We do it in sisterhood. Of sharing everything we are and know as intended for a favorite sister. The days of besting and subjugating our brother is over. This message is the key to awakening for all of humanity.

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