Human Nature

People at the core are loving helpful beings. But they have been so scarred and wounded by life that they are afraid to show vulnerability in any way. Cynicism has reached an all time high. Cynicism is a boundary of the personal self run amuck.

People have been so personally battered that once their red flags go off they are afraid to trust even what they know is good and kind in the world. Unfortunately, most people are a mine field of red flags these days. It is not their fault but what to do about changing it?

Recently I have become resolved to assist my boyfriend in a company that provides cheaper utility rates to the client. It is a new endeavor for him and it is joyful to see him excited and hopeful about something. I have signed up as a marketing consultant to support him. Since we are only asking people to save money on their utility bills with the added bonus of a free three day two night trip, there seems no offense. Except in the cynicism.

I have watched as this good man has given over his days and nights to help others in need. He is exhausted from giving of himself over and over to friends, family coworkers and pets. Yet when he asks them to do a simple favor of taking a moment to switch over to the energy company he endorses, with no inconvenience to themselves but for a couple minutes of time, they refuse.Jeff Ward

They don’t like marketing schemes or get rich quick schemes. They neglect the fact that they would be supporting a man that is worthy of supporting. And even if they don’t see a huge difference in savings, wouldn’t it be worth the goodwill in supporting someone who it seems important to? What is so wrong with supporting a friend? Isn’t it good if a friend prospers, someone is getting your utility payment, why not have a bit of it go to a friend?

As for myself, I spend my days assisting others in helping their lives be more joyful and to understand the spiritual cause and effect of their issues. People ask how I make money on my blog. I do not. It never occurred to me. It saddens me that some of the same people that I have assisted in feeling better; even to the effect of being laid up in bed a few days to assist; will not give the courtesy of entertaining the slightest request in the face of their own cynicism. It used to sadden me for myself. But now it saddens me for them.

If some one asks something of you, maybe it is a good thing to reserve judgment and try to say yes when possible.

When someone needs someone to support them, why not be that person. It may be worth it to see their faith in others expand.

When someone shares something that is important to them, try not to smother it with all your negative life experiences on the subject.

Give people room to succeed and flourish. Don’t shut them down just because you aren’t feeling successful or positive in the moment.

Think of a person in love for the first time. Would you have the heart to squash them with your disappointments in the love department? Use this gauge for every situation. Ask yourself if this person is love with life for the first time? Do I have the right to interfere with their experiences?

Joy is fleeting enough for some these days, if we can find a way to bring joy to others, we can maybe perpetuate it a little bit for ourselves as well. Encourage others dreams as wild as they are to you. It may be a joyful thing to watch them succeed beyond all of your outer expectations.

And if you want to support a good man, or myself, please check out my boyfriend or my site. It may not get you rich to support but maybe it will feel good for a little bit and you will have our sincere appreciation.

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