How to Stay “In Love”

When we fall in Love, it is the most wonderful feeling. Love is the most divine form of energy. We are actually seeing our own divine nature using the other person as a mirror. When we want to give to our partner, it keeps us open to being a conduit for love. The trick to staying in love is staying in the desire to give. It keeps our own love energy flowing.

What stops the flow of energy is when we expect to receive from the other person. It is like flipping a switch from divine love to ego gratification. Whenever we give something to our mate and expect something in return, it is a subtle form of manipulation. We have taken the divine and debased it.

I have watched the formula of down-spiraling between lovers many times. At first paradise, but then, a nagging thought comes into the equation. Something as small as a slight misunderstanding. But the mind,incessantly replays a tiny transgression and builds upon it. Before too long, there is a laundry list of reasons this person is totally wrong for you. The relationship seems hopeless.

Watching this process in yourself is a great way to learn how to overcome negative thoughts. The thoughts have their own agenda. They want to create drama for the ego so that the ego can feel alive. There are people out there who live in a constant state of upheaval. It gives them purpose. But if you don’t need the drama and want to move beyond it, simply turn off the negative flow of thoughts as they come in.

Becoming aware of negative thoughts is an accomplishment in itself because they come in so subtly. Once recognized, they can automatically be dissipated by imagining them dissolving in the ethers. If it is difficult to do, create a visual technique: see the thoughts on a chalkboard and imagine erasing them. Or pick the string of thoughts out of the air and drop them in a wastebasket. Editing thoughts helps with relationships, health issues, daily concerns and overall well being.

Another way to keep your love as divine is to realize that the main purpose that the other person fulfills is to be the recipient of your love. The gratitude will help keep the relationship in a positive light. If all the agreements this person honors with you are met with gratitude, then you’re well on your way to understanding, experiencing, and demonstrating divine love.