How to Meet Santa Claus

There are many worlds beyond the physical. The one that we are most familiar with is the astral plane. We visit this world in our dreams and we go here after we step out of the physical body. When we visit the astral plane, we slip out of our physical body through the top of our head. The world that we are in feels as solid and as real to us as the physical world does. The astral world is a vast place. Anything we can dream or imagine in the physical world is very real on the astral plane.

This is a point of contention for imaginative children. They see things very vividly that we don’t see with our cynical adult eyes. They are more in tune with the astral world. That is why their nightmares are so horrific to them. We as adults say that they are only a dream, but to children, the experience is as real as walking down their neighborhood street.

We can use this awareness to our advantage around the holidays. When I am tired of being an adult, I imagine going to the North Pole and visiting the toy factory. It is the most delightful place! If an adult wants to open up to the childlike imagination, all they have to do is repeat the same imaginative visualization over and over while attempting to incorporate all of the senses. After awhile, it will no longer seem so whimsical and may become as real as stepping out your own front door. This is a form of soul travel and is practiced daily by people who want to know their true nature as soul.

If you are a parent of young children, the obvious advantage in the holiday season is that you don’t have to dread the question of whether Santa Claus is real. Santa is certainly real and he has a distinct personality. Santa is a hard working man of Nordic ethnicity. He is very wise and doesn’t distract easily from his work. The only thing that can get his attention off of what he is doing is a child who has come to visit him. His whole demeanor then changes. He lights up with a joy that is contagious. He puts all of his attention on the child at hand as if nothing else exists in the world. For him it doesn’t. His purpose is single fold. It is his spiritual duty to validate and Love each child that happens upon him. He is the wonderful grandpa of all the children of the physical and astral world.

If you want to rediscover your childlike nature of trust, flexibility and hope, visit the North Pole yourself in daily visualizations or as you nod off to sleep at night. Imagine hearing the bells and hoof stomping on your roof. Imagine going out side and seeing a sleigh on top of your house. Feel the cold and excitement. Visualize what it is like to get into the sleigh with Santa and ride on the night sky. Feel the cold in your nose and lungs. See the landscape before you and the North Pole looming closer. Pull in as many details as you can while filling up all your senses. Go into the toy making department and see all the activity. Drink hot chocolate with the elves. You can draw experiences from whatever you have seen in Christmas movies or other stories.

Make it real for yourself. Better yet, bring your children along. Go as a family adventure every night by setting them up with the visualization before they go to sleep. Do the visualization yourself. Report back to each other the next morning on what happened. The experience may be documented in your dreams. If you do this as a family every night, you will be giving your children and yourself the most priceless gift. You will be teaching them a great spiritual tool and broadening their awareness of themselves as eternal beings. And maybe you just may remember meeting Santa Claus.