How the Taps Work

Recently I was talking with a friend who I assisted a while back when she was having a hard time dealing with her in-laws. I led her through a series of taps including the protocol to release all her dynamics between her and her husband’s family.

People get a sort of amnesia after I help them. It is almost like I assist them to manifest a new reality. In doing so, they forget they ever were in stress.

In casual conversation, she mentioned how her in-laws moved away. They just decided to sell their house and within a month, it sold, and they moved away. Since then, her mother-in-law told her how much she missed the both of them and she has a new appreciation for her daughter-in-law.

I asked my friend if her in-laws had decided to sell the house before or after we did the protocol. It had never occurred to her, but at that moment she remembered. It was then that she realized that it was the work that we did, that brought about the shift in her dynamics with her in-laws.

She feels more confident in herself and more comfortable handling what life brings because she saw evidence of the shifts that are possible. May everyone attain such awareness.

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