How Disease Will Be Cured

This is how disease will be cured. It will be discovered by medical researchers who are not in denial that energy healing exists. They will actually be open enough to use energy healing in their base of study.

When I do a remote session with a client, I feel their angst like a cloud or a stuffy room. I feel it as if it were my own, yet I keep it at bay. I am able to then dissipate the congestion that I feel and move it out of the body and flush it away. I can help the client collect more of the congestion by invoking an emotion in them.

Thoughts are used to by the client to categorize excess energy and store it in different components of themselves so it doesn’t have to be dealt with. Emotions draw it out of those compartments. Lashing out or crying is an attempt to remove it from the body. Disease occurs when there are no more places for the mind to store the energy. It seeps into the weak points of the body like a cesspool. The person feels helpless to release it. That it when it interferes with the physical function of the body and is called dis-ease.

There must be sensitive cameras that could document the energy that I am capable of drawing out of a physical body with my intention. If so, the technology could isolate the stagnant energy that would be represented as a certain color.

Once the researchers see the energy release that a human intention can achieve; and have documented the procedure with technology; they can research how to pool that same energy using sound frequencies or light and corral it out of the body. Maybe it is a combination of using vibration to separate the stagnant energy from the organs and then collecting it and moving it out of the body using light beams. Wellness would be a matter of treatments to draw the energy out of the body on a certain schedule.

We are coming to the point in evolution when some of the technology that is discovered is used to uplift the quality of life in more ways than creating better iPads and cellphones. There has to come a point when the individuals will become too savvy not to demand more efficient means of providing heating, fueling, infrastructure, health and quality of living for all. Aren’t we there yet?

One Comment on “How Disease Will Be Cured

Ann Partin
February 26, 2014 at 12:33 pm

I am quite sensitive to heat in one’s body and I will run my fingers over their body until I find a hot spot. After a only a few minutes, sometimes less, the hot area will cool way down or leave all together after laying hands on or above this area. I would think a thermal scan could document this entire process, since the person might also break out in a sweat and larger area’s of their body will cool down as well I have found that less inflammation usually means less pain for them and they get a nice relaxation response from all of this as well.

So I am pretty sure we could document this change in brain waves that should correspond with the highly relaxed state they are experiencing as well. I believe that we can all help each other this way, we just don’t know we can do it for others. Since we have thermal and brain wave technology now, we should be able to document this healing phenomena today! All of this is very exciting!

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