Honoring Abundance

An affluent friend once told me the secret to being rich. It is to be grateful for every penny and to not judge it as being too inconsequential to be valued. You know the stereotype of the rich old man pinching every penny? He isn’t pinching it. He is giving it reverence as a symbol of his wealth still flowing to him. He is paying homage to his abundance.

Just like many of us dismiss the pennies; we also dismiss our affluence in other areas as well. For instance, billions of people around the world have never sat in a tub of clean fresh water and been able to wash themselves clean. Billions have never had a room assigned just for their items and their personal comfort and privacy. Billions of people have never walked under trees and been able to hear the rustling of leaves in the breeze. These are all priceless experiences that many of us partake in with no thought or fear of ever not having them.

Billions of people are not able to merely walk into a grocery store and choose any fresh, clean item that they crave in the moment. Multitudes have to struggle for every meal they eat; that is, if they are able to eat anything at all. Billions of people are denied the right to learn, know, make decisions and to participate in conversations about the things that affect them.

When someone points out these things to others, it is in a chiding way that creates a defensiveness in the receiver. That is not the point. The point is to be happy! Celebrate your good fortune. Be grateful to whatever God you choose for the good fortune. Pinch those experiences. They are evidence of your good fortune; and they perpetuate abundant living.

One Comment on “Honoring Abundance

March 15, 2014 at 10:08 pm

I agree….When people discard change as nothing, I think it says a lot. I say build on each penny, nickel and dime.10 pennies will make a dime. 10 dimes will make a dollar. Watch it grow. Sort of like relationships. In time, they will be worth more! It just takes time.

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