Home Sickness

During a session once, I was tuning into a client and they seemed to have two parallel energy cores running through their body. We all have energy flowing into us that is received through the Crown Chakra (soft spot on a babies head) and flows through all the Chakras and aligns us with the energy of the Universe. I experience it as a column of energy. This client had two conflicting lines right next to each other. Each was trying to be dominant.

The energy conflict was a manifestation of one of the big issues on her agenda. She was afraid of losing her home. The home is the outer source of recharging one’s energy. It is a form of comfort. But the true sanctuary of a person is in an existence that doesn’t rely on the outer home. This person has a rich spiritual life but they also rely heavily on their outer home for spiritual sustenance. This conflict was creating an inner split in her energy core and weakening her.

When we put all our stock in the outward home, we can be devastated if our outer sanctuary is destroyed. To prevent this from happening, we must always stay aligned with our core. This is what the people who are devastated by losing everything are fortunate for learning from the experience.

Technique to use when you are Homesick:

To strengthen your core, imagine what it would be to lose everything. This is not to put anything into motion but to examine where your attachments are. Use time in your contemplations to release the strong reactions to the items that you are most vested in. To do this, visualize your dearest items converted into Love and with your imagination absorb the Love into yourself. If it is the home itself, convert the home into love and siphon it all into you. In using this technique, you will get more grounded with the realization that you are never without the Love.

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