A client who would stockpile items had an epiphany during a session. In a past lifetime, he lost everything to war. It brought such devastation that it shattered his foundation. To compensate he would scrounge the war-torn village trying to reclaim what he had lost. It was a way to process the trauma.

During our session he was able to look at the core reason for the need to hoard. That enabled him to begin changing the behavior.

Some of the EFT taps to assist this behavior were:

“I release the devastation of war; in all lifetimes.”
“I release defining possessions as security in all lifetimes.”
“I shift my paradigm from hoarding to Joy, Love, Abundance and Freedom; in all lifetimes.”

(say each of the above statement 3 times while tapping the top of your head, and a 4th time while tapping the middle of your chest.)

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