Hidden in Plain Sight (Why I woke up angry)

I was on the astral plane; which looks and feels a lot like the physical plane; sitting in a huge group of truth seekers. Maybe you were there? It may have registered as being a dream. You may or may not remember it but you could have been there.

Everyone was there trying to discover truth. It was a HUGE crowded room with so many chairs crowded around in a circle that many were pushed out by others. It was chaotic and the very fact that it was in a circle seemed miraculous. The point of the group was to help each other discover truth for themselves.

A very sincere person had a dream experience (funny, a dream interpretation within a dream) and she was seeking answers to what it meant. I was very excited because it was about her discovering her own spiritual truth through a blue light that had a door on it that she didn’t notice.

But just as I was about to help her recognize how to access her truth, someone else leaned in front of me to speak. It was a man who runs a local nature center. He got everyone’s attention and was about to speak but he was stalling because he really didn’t know what it meant. He was trying to explain it to encourage people to take classes at his nature center. Everyone was attentively listening to him.

I was mad because he was able to be heard because he was a man with a business. He interrupted me without even recognizing it. He had an agenda to get people to his retreat. And he was making up what he was going to say as he went along. He was duping everyone.

I was also mad at myself for not having the presence to “capture” everyone’s attention. I never noticed how offensive that expression was until now. I had no accolades or credentials to back me up. All that I had was the answer she was looking for to access her own truth and God Center. I am wondering if it is my personality flaw or if it is merely the nature of truth to be hidden in plain sight.

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