Helping Children

I just wanted to thank Jen for helping my 12 year old Grandson, he was experiencing heightening anger, depression and withdrawing from everyone. Much to my surprise he was very receptive to Jen’s work. The amazing transformation after just one session was just unbelievable, I spent the day with my grandson and he went from a kid with his head down and hat over his face, to the talkative loving young man he used to be. Every time I have reached out to Jen I have been in awe of how life changing her work is. Thank you Jen, Thank you for seeing the good in our lad. Thank you for lovingly bringing him back into a comfort zone, your amazing and you really know how to communicate with young people. I highly suggest anyone having problems with their youth, animals or yourself to reach out to her. Much love and bright bright blessings to you Jen.

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