Heart Disease

Recently I facilitated an emergency session for a man who had been diagnosed with blockages in the heart. It was very serious because his father died early of heart disease. We agreed to do the session just a few days before he went to his appointment.

In his session it opened up to a lifetime during the French and Indian war. He was a soldier and made enemies of the Native Americans. They were angry. They ended up capturing him and eating his heart. The trauma was like a curse on his bloodline. Heart disease was now genetic in his bloodline.

We did much releasing on the relationship between him and the Native Americans and removed all curses and dissolved all karmic ties between them. ( a curse can be as simple as a negative thought towards someone or can be very intense)

I gave him a ton of EFT taps to do for his heart Like:

“I release storing sadness in my heart in all lifetimes”
“I remove all blockages in my arteries in all lifetimes”
“I release feeding sadness from my heart to my body through my arteries;; in all lifetimes”.

(Say the above 3 times while tapping on the head and then say them a 4th time while tapping on the chest.)

I also gave him a couple of visualizations to use:

Visualize a wire scrub brush running through the inside of the arteries and breaking up the plaque. Flush divine Light through the arteries them to remove all residual issues that were stored as plaque.

Visualize an energetic artery coming out of the heart and siphoning all the anger, worry, sadness, stress and disease out of the heart and pouring it into a river of light that then dissolves it into love.

My client went to his doctor’s appointment and did need a valve cleared with stints. But the overall process felt to him like a simple procedure and not the fear based trauma that it had been.

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