Healing Your Relationships

  • Why do some people irritate us at first meeting?
  • What is the truth behind Love at first Sight?
  • Why are some people treated like royalty in the family and some are undermined and diminished?

When people don’t like us at first, when the family doesn’t appreciate us and when we draw the short stick in matters of the heart, we are left feeling unworthy.. We may feel like we are being punished in some way or the Universe has a score to settle with us.

The relationship book gives understanding to dynamics that have started off on a seemingly non-level playing field. But the truth of the matter is that our interpersonal relationships were forged in a past life well before we took baby form in this life. Many times, we are born to the literal enemy so that love can be forged out of where there was once hate. The more we take responsibility for our interpersonal relationships, the more we can slough off the mistrust and resentment and truly experience love.

The exercises and information that are shared in this book will give the reader the awareness and tools necessary to change the most troubling dynamics of their relationships. No interaction with in-laws, an ex spouse or difficult teenager is too hard wired to attempt to change. This book will help the reader forgive themselves and all those that have mistreated them. It frees up a lot of energy to return to enjoying life.

Healing Your Relationships Excerpt

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