Healing Technique for the Planet with your Children

In the book The True Power of Water, by Masaru Emoto, there are many photographs of the crystals of water when it is programmed with an uplifting word. Writing a positive word as a message to the water, raises its vibratory rate and uplifts the vibratory rate of all who partake of it.

Do this experiment. Create two pitchers of identical water. On one pitcher write positive words. Let them sit overnight and then taste and experience the difference between the two. The pitcher that has been programmed may carry an extra “zing” when tasted. You can prove it to yourself!

When you go to the beach or the park with your children, take a permanent marker (or a crayon). Write an uplifting word or message for the water on rocks and then have the children throw them into the water. Children are tapped into that infinite source of love and enthusiasm because they are less tainted with cynicism. Having the children help in this way will empower them and validate their ability to make a difference.

Also pay attention to your children’s insights. They will reveal more ways to utilize your love and enthusiasm to uplift consciousness even more.

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