Healing Protege

My sister’s grandchildren are seven and nine years old. The seven-year old was feeling stressed and overwhelmed after school one day. He was working himself up the point of needing to throw up. Their father was starting to tell him to go into the bathroom but was interrupted by his nine-year old son who took charge.

“Dad, I got this”, he said. “Aunt Jen told me what to do.”

He took his younger brother into the bathroom and after a few minutes, they came out and the younger brother was fine. He began to play his video game as if nothing happened. Their father was amused by the contrast. He didn’t ask what happened in the bathroom out of respect to their privacy.

Apparently, the nine-year old led his younger brother through some EFT taps to help him. When I asked him what they were, he had forgotten. They were very effective though.

The children don’t realize what a phenomena such drastic results seem to be to adults. They aren’t skeptic. They are open and receptive and it shows in the results. They have a great tool to empower themselves all through their lives. I encourage all parents to give this tool to their children. It may be a threshold to lifelong wellness for them.

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