Grow Where You Are Planted

Do you consider yourself a deep person but have a short attention span?

Do you get tired of hearing the same spiritual quotes that were written in an era that had no understanding of modern issues?

Do you benefit from reading insightful quips that can quickly change your perspective or vantage point in the world?

Do you wish you had access to short little messages that can shift you into a higher perspective through your busy day?

Grow Where You Are Planted is a book of wisdom made for the modern era.

What would Buddha, Gandhi or any wayshower say if they were living in the modern age?

People disconnect from their more expansive view of themselves when they are dealing with the modern world. Grow Where You Are Planted makes you realize that you don’t have to look to 2,000 year old writings to find meaning in life.

Grow where you are planted helps you recognize the meaning of life in your ready- made world.

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