GOD… The Ultimate Search Engine

god the ultimate search engine

God does not pit us against each other. Man does that and blames it on God. Also, God is not an outside Source. God is the lifeblood of love that runs through us all. When you show kindness to another, you are giving reverence to God. When you harm another, you are rebuking God. May the hypocrites understand this and forgo the judging that separates them from the love. When you look to the heavens, you are further away from God than when you look into the face of another with love and respect. – Jen Ward

God…The Ultimate Search Engine. As long as life has existed, we have been saddled with a limited understanding of Source. These understandings have shaped our understanding of ourselves. God has been used as a self governing technique through history. Unfortunately, this has left the individual in a self shaming, self sabotaging, dependent on an outside source. The book, God….The Ultimate Search Engine is a means for drastically shifting our understanding and dynamics with God. No longer do we have to feel lowly and unworthy to feel close to God. The book provides SFT taps to shift ones blockages to truly embracing your empowered state. Its funny that we upgrade our phones every three months but we are stuck in the same understanding of God as was held in the Dark Ages.

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