Frozen in Indifference

A dear friend of mine has been working with me for a couple of years now. Every time an issue comes up for her, we will work through it to release any pain or angst it causes her. She has become so open and even more loving and kind than she had been in her life. She exudes contentment, humility and a sweet loving resolve. She even credits not needing high blood pressure medicine after 25 years of taking it to her work with me.

Lately, she has been having a pain in her right leg. It is a deep issue and when we connect, I will assist her in discovering an underlying cause of it. It is not easy to look at our own issues. It is similar to cleaning house. Sometimes it is easier to clean a friend’s house instead of our own. Many times it is easier to love and validate others and stifle our own cry for help. Physical pain on some level is a cry for validation and love.

She has this one habit of diminishing the importance of events and situations for herself. It is a deep-seated way to prevent herself from being hurt. For example if she is going to a special event, she will say something like, “I don’t really care what I wear, I will just throw on the outfit I wore the last time”. Or she will say, “It doesn’t really matter, I will just have a few people over and just throw some food out. It will be good enough.”

For the last couple of months, her leg has been hurting and she has been asking for my help. I have been assisting but the pain has not been totally released. As we visited last night, a past life of hers opened up. I saw her as an animal in a metal trap. Her leg was half-frozen off. She was retrieving food for her family and anxious to get back to them when she got caught in one of those claw metal traps. As excruciating as it was, the emotional pain of not getting home to her family and feeling her life body freeze and the life force slipping farther away from them left an emotional numbness in her. She showed this in the present life by diminishing the importance of special occasions to her.

This was the moment to address it. I shared with her the connection between her physical pain and this past life. She deflected and would not look at it. She was numb to it. She moved all too quickly to another subject about something unrelated and she used those words again; “I don’t care”. It was time to pin the emotional issue to its manifestation.

“You do too care. You do!” I took her by surprise. “Imagine your babies are waiting for you. They are hungry and your teats are full of milk. Your husband is alone at home with them and they are all waiting for you to be cozy and safe. But you are trapped in the cold metal jaw and freezing to death not able to get to them. You know they will most likely starve without you and think you have abandoned them. You care!”

She was taken aback and cried a deep soulful cry. If there was no connection to the scenario I had just painted, the sobs would not have continued like they did.

Here are some EFT taps that helped as well:
(say each statement three times while tapping on your head and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.)

I release being frozen in indifference; in all lifetimes.
I release the trauma of freezing to death; in all lifetimes.
I release the guilt and trauma of abandoning my family; in all lifetimes.
I forgive myself; in all lifetimes.

Her husband had trapped animals in his youth. She was able to compartmentalize this as being “okay”. After the sobbing, we visualized the scenario that I saw and freed her in the trapped body. We poured incredible Love into its little body. We changed the story of it to undo the emotional scar it left. We also visualized freeing all the animals that were ever trapped and killed in such a ruthless way. We poured love and healing into them all and the whole scenario.

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