Many people wonder, if there is such a thing as past lives and connecting to the other side and perceiving more subtle realities, why they don’t have any unique abilities. There are many reasons.

There is a mechanism within us that acts as a curtain to keep out all the experiences of a subtler nature. It’s purpose is to keep us focused on the lessons of this particular lifetime without overwhelming us. If an individual knew of all they have experienced, it would be distracting from the life lessons at hand and could be overwhelming.

In the human experience, we have all abused power in the past and learned from our own actions how horrific it is to cause another pain. I am not sure that those who have the greatest compassion and do the greatest good in the world, are not undoing their own blemishes from the past.

If someone knew they were royalty in a past, that knowledge alone could lighten the impact of the lesson of living in humility in this life. The truth of the opposite would see them through. They would just live this life in quiet resolve waiting for the throw of the dice to give them better circumstance. They would not be as motivated to absorb their spiritual lessons.

This life is indeed a classroom. If one accepts this then they can accept their own potential and take spiritual responsibility for every thought, feeling and action. In that self-responsibility, lies the key to true empowerment.

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