Forever Home

I was in the local dog wash when this couple came in with the new little dog that they had just adopted. He was all shocked and excited by the adventure. He was getting a lot of attention and it felt like a celebration for him. He seemed very dazed and humbled by the turn of events.

He went around to all the people who were giving him affection and trying to figure out who to give his loyalty to. He was trying to figure out, who his new benefactor was. I explained to him that he had a happy new home and that the couple was his new family and that they would take care of him and love him.

His next question makes me cry every time I recall it coming from his eager little body. He asked without knowing its ramifications for dog-kind everywhere, “How long am I going to get to stay this time?”

When one adopts a pet, the first thing they should do is explain that this is their forever home. That they will always be cared for from now on. Give them that security that they crave. That alone would dry up many of the behavior issues that occur in transition.

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Cheryl Haynes
September 22, 2013 at 4:48 pm

I’ll never forget our rescue Sammi. In 10 months he had been in three homes. We were his fourth. Every long car ride meant he lost everything he knew. We’d had him about four months then went to visit family for Thanksgiving, taking Sammi and our two other dogs with us. Sammi was depressed the whole trip, nothing we did would cheer him up. But when we got back home and he knew where he was, it was like a ton of weight fell off his heart and he KNEW he was never going to lose his home again.

September 22, 2013 at 5:39 pm

What a great story! Thank you for sharing. Yes pets would benefit from their people reminding them that they are loved often. I took my girl out to the park and we have been together 5 years so she should feel confident. But when I went into the trunk, she ran back into the car. She was afraid I was going to drive away. I could tell that this has happened to her in the past. I now remind her more and more that she is loved.

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