Family Dynamics

A couple had two female malamutes and they decided to add a third. They adopted a young male. He was great with the husband but he would not obey the wife. They bonded very little. Also, he was really rough on his older sisters. He was constantly trying to dominate them. It was wearing the family out.

In a session, I tuned into the issue. He was very wired into the hierarchy of the wild pack. In his psyche, there was only one alpha (the husband, who he accepted) and then the rest of the group. He was jockeying for position as the second in command. Being male, just made him more adamant that the position was his.

I helped the family by showing him in my mind the different dynamics between a pack and a human family. Instead of the dynamics of strongest to weakest, I showed him two equal alphas at top and then all the members under that with equal importance. It was very confusing to him. I showed him how the rules changed with that. Like all eating the same, and how it didn’t matter who was first all the time. The members all stayed equal.

He was very smart. He responded almost immediately. He started to respect his mom and his sisters more. If this is an issue with your pets, explain to them in your mind, the difference between the two hierarchies so that they can understand and transition their behavior.

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