False Humility

Forgo enslavement to false humility.

You know what I’m talking about. The voice that says you are arrogant if you are not humble. You are not reaching your capacity if you don’t try to touch the depth of your own greatness. You are a vortex of omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence. When you fail to reflect that, you discredit your own spirit. Break out of the binding of the programming and perceive your own wonderment.

Be the poet, the dancer, the singer, the humanity to the depth of your abilities and capacities. Then see it in every other face, being, seed, and atom of life. We are all poised to burst into bloom. The prisons, hospitals, mental wards, homeless shelters and schools are filled with those who are suffering in their lack of opportunity to flower. The more that you remove the shackles of limitation from yourself, the more you cut the chains off humanity.

You are vital to the advancement of humanity! You matter! Your light illuminates the way for others. Your open-minded spirit gives others permission to unfurl their greatness. You are responsible for a mass awakening. The whole Universe is waiting for you to get on board, to rescind lifetimes of conditioning and to burst into the Completeness of the Joy, Love, Abundance, and Freedom that you truly are!

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