Experience of Reincarnation

Calico cat named Poodie

The saddest news was getting the call from the vet telling me our little Poodie had FIPS. There is no cure. It was a death sentence. We did everything we could to keep Poodie as comfortable as possible. We put the fish bowl next to her bed on the end table so she would get lots of water. We gave her all the shrimp she wanted.

At the end I told her emphatically to come back to us. Before she crossed, I envisioned a white cat with a black spot on it as a clue to what she would look like in her next life. We grieved deeply.

Month’s later, I needed to find an apartment. I had a nudge to go into a suburb that wasn’t where I wanted to live at all. But I had to go to this one place. The apartment was all wrong for me and I was curious why I was led here until I saw a white cat with a black spot in the apt. She was a stray that they had recently rescued.

I arranged to adopt one of the kittens. I figured I would know which one Poodie was because it would be white with a black spot, and I sensed it would be a boy. When the litter was born, there were four kittens all with white fur and black spots. i ended up adopting 3 of the kittens to make certain I had the one that was Poodie.

Black and white cat naps on his mother's lapShortly after arriving home with the new kittens, one of them displayed a personality similar to Poodie. He was a take charge kind of kitten, mature beyond his years. His new dad looked at me and said, “wow! It really is Poodie isn’t it?” At that, the little kitten responded as if to say yes by walking between the both of us rubbing us both with the side of his face.

“Yes, I Am Poodie! Here I AM’.

I think it is good that most Americans don’t believe in reincarnation. We in general are incredible control freaks. To realize that our loved ones are out there, is a terrible stress for those who want to reclaim the relationship. The search for Poodie was a stressful time. Thank goodness the owners of the mama were so loving and agreeable. But I am sure the Universe arranged that too. Poodie is now called Smudge and we have a real strong Love bond. It was an incredible gift to find him and to experience the miracle of the quest.

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