Evidence of the Paradigm Shift

I feel the paradigm shift very powerfully in the outcome of political elections. If the outcome that we get now happened just a couple of years ago, it would have been very alarming. But it doesn’t have the heaviness to it that it once had. It is a win/win outcome.

The people who needed the outcome that we received, to feel at peace with the world have it. They will stop flooding the airwaves with gloom and negativity. They will stop pumping fear and negativity into those who are susceptible to fear. They can maybe relax a little bit and be healed from the banter of negativity they got caught up in. Maybe some of it can be extracted from them now that they are in a calmer state.

Those of us who have transcended putting our efforts into politics as a solution, already realize that the outcome is irrelevant. We can relax now that so many have been placated. Everything is okay. Since we are all connected, this outcome benefits us all.

This is a higher vantage point than any argument to counter this point of view. There is always an uplifting way to view things and there is always a way to chose love.

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