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The way that healers have been trained to depreciate their own value is conditioning from a society that prefers everyone defer to a more concrete practice. Things that we have been taught about healing have been intended to eradicate the practice of healing. Natural healing is a derivative of nature and Goddess energy. The dark ages were a result of the complete genocide of pagans which were in tuned to nature and were natural healers. Alternative medicines were actually the original form of healing since time has begun.

Everyone who is in tuned with Nature, likes helping people, assists others in need, teaches, leads, is creative, imaginative, musical, is kind to animals, teaches children as equals or is a free thinker; is a healer. The practice of healing has been squelched out for too long. The world needs healing. This is an event intended to seed the whole.

When:  August 17 & 18th, 2018

Where:  Hampton Inn & Suites Victor

7637 Pittsford-Victor Road
Victor, NY 14564
Hotel: (585) 924-4400

The group code for retreat guests to book their room via phone is: Jen Ward and online:  JWA

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