Enlightenment Unveiled

  • Are you weighed down by relationships that you have outgrown but don’t know how to move on from?
  • Do you have exes that prevent you from attracting a healthy relationship? 
  • Do you feel disrespected or invisible in group dynamics?
  • Do you feel at the mercy of unhealthy family dynamics?

Enlightenment Unveiled Is the first of my self help books. It provides an understanding of the direct correlation between emotional and physical pain. It leads the reader through an understanding of each tap in the protocol provided to dissipate the connection between the reader and someone or something that is creating an imbalance in them or causing dis-ease. It shares with the reader case studies that they can identify with where core issues were discovered from past life trauma and released.

Enlightenment Unveiled provides exercises to shift the reader back into their center and to change the dynamics of the relationships that have been draining their effectiveness.

The tapping protocol is a means of addressing all the dysfunction that a person can engage in. It can wipe the karmic slate clean between the reader and any individual, group, idea, or self-defeating belief system.

Enlightenment Unveiled Book Excerpt

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