Enhance Your Own Value

We send prayers up like messages to a signal tower in hopes that they will be prioritized and delivered. When will we realize, that WE are the signal tower. Whether prayers are effective or random has to do with two things. The signal strength of the sender and the receptiveness of the recipient.

Send your positive intentions directly to the recipient. On the other end, always be receptive to the well wishes of others. When we pray for ourselves, we are sending out a signal and it is being sent back to us.

This can be a very empowering realization because so many believe that the process is random. It feels as if some invisible force is deciding whether we are worthy or not and that concept, through a psyche that has been broken down by the exploits of man, can leave one feeling helpless.

It is not hit or miss. You are empowered by your own intention. And if you have seen your prayers work miracles for others, please turn them on yourself because you are worth it! Enhance your own value!

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