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Did you have a session with Jen and she gave you a list of taps to do with the Energetic Cleanse? Or did you come here from the Jenuine Healing blog to get started using the Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT tapping) protocol on a certain areas of your life like your health, wealth, love life, or work life. Request your copy below!


Request The Energetic Cleanse Taps!


A Message from Jen

People have inadvertently given up their energy. It happens when they relinquish their right to it. Think of it as going into an energetic lost and found where it is up for grabs. This is not technically right but the thing is, we lose our possessions when we don’t tend to them. We leave them behind and lose possession of them.  
The same is true of our intangible possessions. We have aspects of ourselves that we have lost long ago. In fact, many physical attractions are us seeing aspects of our energy that were relinquished to the other person long ago. The attraction is sometimes us seeing our lost lost energy that someone else is wearing for their own. 
Think of your energy as a one of a kind distinct sweater that you miss. When you suddenly see it on another person, who took it long ago, you will be so excited to see it again. The Energetic Cleanse is a way to remove the layers of energy that you have collected along the way that hinder you. It is also a way to get back the energetic aspects of you that are innately you.

Here are some suggested taps to start with:

Being worn out

Being over extending

Ex partners 


Feeling abandoned 

Being the black sheep 



Caring what people think

Keeping up appearances

Getting no support

Worrying about health

Feeling unimportant

Negative people

Hating the job

Feeling discourage


Worry about the world

This one exercise could be used everyday of your life to keep you healthier. Through a lifetime, you can refine your awareness to such an extend, that whenever an issue comes up, instead of reacting, you immediately do the Energetic Cleanse with the dynamics of it and free yourself.

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