Energetic Animal Intensive Care™

It is perhaps one of the most helpless feelings to have our beloved pets wander off, go missing and not know where they are. It is equally painful and disheartening to have our animal babies develop an illness and not know how to alleviate their suffering – or our own, because we are feeling their suffering so intensely.


Did you know that you are energetically intertwined with the pets that have been entrusted to your care? That is both a scary and encouraging thought since we both project and  communicate with our animals through our energy fields – either deliberately or by default. The reverse is true too and since animals are innately filled with gratitude and unconditional love for their caring owners, they so willingly give to us those amazing qualities. This is why we feel so comforted and uplifted being with our pets.


If you or anyone you know is currently going through any of the issues mentioned above of a lost pet, a sick  or suffering pet….  We’ve got GREAT News for you!


World renowned Energy Healer and Empowerment Mentor, Jen Ward is now offering  Energetic Animal Intensive Care™

This is a 20 minute Laser Focused Remote Session for $175

This work can be done remotely from anywhere in the world via phone or Skype


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This is for you and your pet if:

Your pet has “gone missing.”

Your pet is ill.

Your pet has recently been traumatized and is listless or depressed.

“Something isn’t right” with your pet and you and your vet have no idea what to do.


In this highly concentrated energy session, Jen will:

  • Tune into your animal’s energy.
  • Tune into your energy.
  • Medically intuit what’s happening with your pet.
  • Medically intuit what’s happening with you.
  • Identify energetic blocks in both your pet and you.
  • Release these emotional issues in both the animal and you.
  • Convey and explain any messages from your pet.
  • If your pet is lost, she will release the animal from “primal mode” so it can return home. (She has a 95% success rate in pet’s returning home after helping hundreds of animals over the years.)
  • If the animal has been taken, Jen will do a release on the person who took the animal.


You can schedule this work with Jen IMMEDIATELY. This is truly a swift energetic intervention that will be the soothing and relief both you and your pet are waiting for.

Book Animal Intensive Session Now


Once payment has been made, Jen will contact you to schedule your  

Energetic Animal Intensive Care™ appointment


We’re so excited that Jen is now offering this healing intervention for your pet and for your relief as well!  Don’t hesitate to get the help you and your pet need NOW.


In Love and Light,

The Jenuine Healing Support Team

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