Encouragement of a Full Moon

moon  image.jpeg

Stand between the Sun and Moon

Let the Love and Light pass through

Illuminate your bountiful heart

Drop the extraneous part called you


Magnify your bountiful heart

To the size and width of earth

Treat it as a looking-glass

To show others their ultimate worth


Hold up the mirror to their giant group heart

Brace as they cringe and recoil

Pour love into the very essence of all

Drain all the dross out into the soil


Hold the reflection steadily

Ignore the negative onslaught

Love breezes clean every last atom

Before it’s true essence is caught


Be unwavering as the moon and the sun

Match their luminescent light

Allow others to realize the brilliancy of truth

By accessing their own second sight


Span across the globe of man

Rise above the stagnant air

Pierce the earth with your magnified love

Let it feel the extent of your care.


Become one with the body of earth

Let the sun and moon’s light pass straight through

Expand the atoms to an omniscient state

Allow truth to align in you


Be the surrogate of the highest purpose

In the humanity of man

Yes it’s possible to help the world transcend

Just by believing you can.


8/11/14 Jen Ward

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