They said you’d never amount to much
They said your dreams were out of touch
They said the “You”, you want to be
Doesn’t quite fit in society

They said the pain and wounded pride
Will help you take it all in stride
“It’s okay to have a broken heart”
“Just try not to fall apart”

You ask,
“Isn’t it better if I try?”
They say
You’ll have success when you see pigs fly”

Well there’s something you need to know
Dreams, like seeds are meant to grow
When they are put in the ground
It’s only to spread their bloom around.

Every dream that’s deprived of air
“Possibility” hears, “I don’t care”
Every “hope” that wanders in the woods
Was led astray by a trail of “shoulds”DSCN2226

For every forsaken “potential” crying
There’s a wistful grounded winged pig sighing
Some may stand by and watch dreams die
But I’ll be coaching the pigs to fly

Jen Ward 2/12/14

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