Encapsulated Anger

I recently facilitated a session with someone who seemingly had no anger. Even in the sound of her voice I could not detect any. It is not natural to not have any. Something can not be released if it can not be detected.

Do you know those infomercials where clothes are stored so easily by vacuuming all the air out of their containers? This is how I perceived her anger. She had somehow figured out a way to encapsulate her anger and store it very methodically within her energy make up. So if it wasn’t creating a disturbance, why address it; right?

Just like stored clothing, it was taking up space that could more readily hold Joy, Love, and Abundance.  It was restricting her own freedom. And as a side effect, it was creating a falseness in her that; although others couldn’t consciously read like I could, they could react to it.

She avoided anger to such an extent, that she pushed it away with her sound frequency. She thought she was being just calm and reasonable. But there was a subtle mocking, and goading of anger in her sound frequency that infuriated people who had anger issues.

In her own mind, she felt at the mercy of angry people. Like she was being targeted by them. With this information, she was relieved of the notion that she was a victim of any kind and her and I worked to release the mocking tone from the caliber of her voice. In the future she will no longer be poking an invisible stick at angry people.

So many people believe they are unjustly treated and believe that the Universe is punishing them in some way. For them, it is freeing to know that others are reacting to what they, themselves are emanating. That they are not a random target of life.

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