Empower Love

Okay, so here is the thing: For most of our lifetimes, the world has been a big scary place that has devoured us in many ways. But now we have become savvy. Through technology and interactions, many of us are able to get an overview of the world and the limited bag of tricks that are used to overpower others and control them and we are not buying it anymore.

Fear is the major controlling factor. Fear of war, fear of disease, fear of losing our security, fear of losing our quality of life. These are the swirling factors that are pumped out through the airwaves and keep us grouped together like a cluster of sheep.

When we are in fear, we don’t think for ourselves or reason well. We give up our power to anything that offers solace. We give our power away. But that is where we are.

We are at a precipice of deciding as a group if we are going to do the same thing that has always been done, allow the most affluent in power and wealth to seal our fate? Or are we going to think and reason for ourselves, comfort ourselves and empower ourselves?

Each one of us who is open and aware is positioned strategically within a group of people who need the light of our truth to shift from fear to love. But when we are AFRAID of what they think, when we are AFRAID they will not get it, when we are AFRAID they will judge us, that is us still living in fear.

We have all had lifetimes where we were pulled from the crowd and tortured for our truth. That was another day. This day is for speaking our truth. Share the experiences you remember from your past lives and your spiritual journeys, so others can finally see themselves as spiritual beings..

This is what we do. We stand in Love. We stand in truth. We forgo the habitual fear that is administered upon the masses like an hourly gong driving the herd in the allotted pen.

We think for ourselves, we question the dynamics of life, and we speak our truth lovingly and with respect for others in the hope that they will gain the confidence to speak theirs. We never shout anyone down or make an enemy of those who think differently, even if we see the conditioning program that has etched out their theories and beliefs.

We continue peacefully and firmly in our truth. We are free of fear, maintain confidence in ourselves that is outshone only by our loving demeanor. Gone are the days of lording our truth over others. We are confident and respectful, but with enough self-respect that we refuse to hide our own truth. Empowering fear is not loving.

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