Embracing Female Energy

Long ago, and documented now only in the Akashic Records, Female Energy was respected as much as male energy.

Women had a specific role as defined as the modern businessman. Their job was to use their Mastery of Intuitive and Healing skills and Insights to counsel man in all his dealings. Their role was respected and revered. Their contribution and ethics were beyond reproach.

Women were trained in special temples that honed their intuitive skills. The brightest and most accomplished were prepared to be counsels of the kings. Their lineage was manipulated similarly to kings, and they were groomed from birth for their important role. They naturally knew how to augment a ruler’s humanity. The Priestess influenced the king to wield his position of power with compassion, respect and reverence.

As with all things of value, the attributes of the Female Energy were envied. Barbarians realized a means to cripple a king was to destroy his female counterparts. Temples were raided. The Goddesses were literally and figuratively raped. Without the Female’s advisement, men ruled more and more by brute force. The bastardization of civilization began.

Goddess Energy never quite recovered. The degradation of woman is still a huge scorch on the causal records of earth. It is prevalent in our societies and homes. The belief that woman’s role is primarily to bear children, or be objects of sexual fulfillment are two naive stances that are proof of the insanity that occurred and still occurs.

There are still some reminders of the ancient times that could be cultivated in everyone. The Goddess energy loves at all costs; it has fortitude (as seen in the single parent), and the ability to disarm the ego for the sake of the greater good.  Also, the naive compartmentalizing of what is male and what is female changing.  Male and female are two currents of energy that exist in everything.  It has little to do with anatomy or hormones.

If Goddess Energy was cultivated by everyone, it would bring an inner balance both to individuals and the world. It would mean an upsurgence of the Female Energy flow that would bring balance to the world and Heal the planet. It may be what is needed for future survival.