Embedded Souls

I facilitated a session with a woman who was going to her home town. The initial sense was to release all her connection with it and all the karmic pulls it had on her; which we did. But the session took on a more profound aspect.

In the session, I saw the earth. Just as blood seeps into the ground, I saw people dying in layers upon layers into the ground and being embedded there. There wasn’t always the convenience of honoring each body as it fell. And souls didn’t always conveniently walk into the light. In the history of earth, due to war, indifference or inability, the dead laid where they fell and sometimes their energy just dripped into the ground. That is what I saw.

It seemed that some of my client’s energies were still entangled with the ground where she had fallen in past lives. It was time to collect herself. And to make the most of the session, we used her as a surrogate to collect the energies of all others who have fallen and assist them as well. Why do this? Because I was directed to and given the insight to release them.

In a vision that was happening simultaneously as I facilitated her session. I saw the client and myself on the side of a dark hill seeped and layered with energies. Behind us stood our spirit guides. This woman is very attuned to her purpose so was open to assist in this. What I saw was her and I with our arms out stretched pulling up energies from the ground. They were in the form of people. We pulled them up from the ground and sent them back to where they originated.

At first we did this for her home town. Then I envisioned the earth and we did the same thing globally. After her session, she was to get on her flight and fly home. She reported that she never has experienced such a peaceful and restful flight.

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