Decapitation and Choking

I facilitated a session with a woman who was having terrible neck pains.  It was really easy to tune into her for some reason.

She seemed really benevolent and gracious but she also came across very proper. The image I saw of her past was ominous. It was a long graceful walk to the guillotine. She was proud and dignified and dearly loved the people she had served. It manifested in this life as not showing people how she really felt. She had to always put up a good front.

There was another life where she was choked from behind. Usually when there is one form of injury to the body, there will be layers of a similar injury to the same area. It manifested as her not liking anyone standing behind her. She acknowledged this fact about people standing behind her as true. Also and obviously, she didn’t care to wear choker necklaces.

There were many other “coincidences” that were revealed from me telling her these lifetimes. Part of the acknowledgement of the past trauma is a validation to the individual. The pain is the body crying out to be comforted after trauma of such deep and devastating level. It tries to reenact the injury as an attempt to be heard. In a private session, I validate the trauma with the client and I also release the traumatic energy around the events and the body so the client can be in ease.

She mused at one silly hobby she had that validated her life as a queen. She loved to collect tiaras.

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