Death is the New Birth

Many people have an aversion to death, but it can be a beautiful and humbling experience. To help someone cross over in comfort and peace is the most natural and spiritual thing to do. People get confused between fighting to live and the resistance to death. They are not the same.

When the fight is over, and the crossing is inevitable; choose to spend the remaining time left to honor that person and prepare them for their passing. Usually the person crossing is concerned with leaving loved ones behind. So reassure them that you will be okay without them but will just miss them terribly..

People have so many misunderstanding about what happens when one dies that it creates fear. Here is what happens. The person you love slips out of their physical body and continues their existence on the astral plane. The astral plane is a lot like the physical world except the vibratory rate is different so the two of you can’t physically connect in the same way. But they are alive well and happy in the astral plane. When they are on the astral plane, it is as real to them as the physical plane once was.

When they slip out of the body, they are usually greeted by loved ones who have already crossed, their spirit guides, or angels. It is a wonderful experience to be welcomed to the other side. Immediately the person is caught up in the happiness of their new life on the astral plane and the only thing that really distracts them from that is the anguish of people they have left on earth.

Earth has a coarse vibratory rate compared to the astral plane so people who are hurting emotionally on earth gain much stamina by pulling themselves out of it. That is the experience of the physical life. People on the astral plane can now see that and have great compassion for their loved ones left behind. They want to use any means to comfort you by sending you a sign somehow that you are misguided because they are fine and you are still connected by love. Someone may say something that was their catch phrase or you may hear a song on the radio that depicts their connection with you. And the more that you look for these signs, the more they will be there.

When someone is crossing over, know that this is a wonderful time for them. Reminisce about all that you have experienced together and be grateful for the love. Let them pass on in peace and understanding that you will not pull on them when they are on the other side. The love is the commonality in your vibratory rates so that you can connect through subtle means regardless of where one is residing. Connect through the Love, it is the only viable means anyway.

A technique when one has crossed over is to imagine that they are merely off on an errand or in another room. Because they are.

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