Daily Intention

Every morning, get in the habit of programming your day to be of benefit in some way. For example, set out the intention to be kind to every one you meet. Or make the goal of taking time to tune into the Source in what ever way works for you: prayer, meditation, yoga, creativity, etc. Or, intend to make your home a little cleaner or happier than it was the day before.

Use a positive affirmation to help you fuel your intention with enthusiasm. But make certain it is something that your mind will not refute or that is too vague to make an impression. For example, instead of saying, “I am a good person”; say “I am a positive force to bring more Joy into the world for myself and others.

Get in the habit of doing this every day. The more we live with intention, the more we create a synergy with life and keep ourselves lively contributors to our own happiness.

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