Craving or Avoiding Attention

It was an unwritten rule growing up that I was not to receive compliments. There is a whole back story behind the reasoning that isn’t necessary to get into. It was just one of those agreements that I came into this life with and it gave me the perfect set of circumstances to hone my individual skill set.

Approval came in two forms; lack of negative attention and overhearing my mother brag about me to a third party. That was the way, as a child, that I received validation. It occurs to me that others may have developed an attraction or an aversion to attention through their experiences.

Here are some EFT taps to assist:
(Say each statement three times while tapping on your head, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.)

I release confusing attention with Love; in all lifetimes.
I release craving attention; in all lifetimes.
I release defining all attention as negative; in all lifetimes.
I release the need to be invisible; in all lifetimes.
I release the need to avoid attention; in all Lifetimes.
I release the fear of being called out; in all lifetimes.
I release being defined by others; in all lifetimes.
I release allowing attention to knock me out of my center; in all lifetimes.
I shift my paradigm from seeking attention to knowing Love; in all lifetimes.

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