Cracking the Code

I will not be sad on this birthday, like all the others. I have cracked the code. Here is a great secret to success.

I figured out last year why I get so incredibly depressed on my birthday. It has nothing to do with thoughts and beliefs. They are a reflection of the issue. It is purely a matter of energy flow.

Here is how: Every single day of the year, I send energy flowing out. I think about helping others while I do this. Helping others and focusing on their quality of life. It is how I have learned to survive. When my birthday came last year, I kept hearing the phrase, “just take it in,” or “it is time for you to receive.”

It wasn’t. To do that was like changing the flow of an incredibly strong wind. To go from giving with such force to trying to receive is a crippling act. It does not mean that both can not be done but doing so is a balancing act that has to be learned well.

This is the way of success. If anyone is a big force in the world, they are giving or taking in a huge way. If someone is not successful at what they do, they are trying to take when it is all about giving. If one is a big force in the world, they must maintain that flow to be happy. This is what they do.

I listen to a very talented singer that I know, but it is not enjoyable to listen to her. When she sings for the group, it feels like pulling a song out of her – like she is doing the world a great favor. Isn’t this how she decided to serve? When she sings, she is singing with the intention of people seeing how wonderful she is. She has her flow confused.

When you have a talent, it is supposed to be given away. The ones who are successful are there to give something to the audience. It is not about them receiving adulation. That is a side effect that onlookers fixate on. But that is not what is about for them. The one who gives their gifts from a sense of purpose will always outflow. That is why they are successful. They have their flow set on “service.”

Anytime anyone wants to be successful, they need to keep the flow of their energy going. If they are stopped in one way, they won’t rest. They will figure out a way to keep that flow going. They will not stop. They realize they can’t stop. They realize a setback is merely an eddy in the beautiful flow of their life.
So today is not about giving to myself. Today is about celebrating knowing all of you. My birthday isn’t about me existing. I have always existed. My birthday is about me being grateful for being in this time and space and being able to connect with so many wonderful people here. My gift is knowing you.

You are the reason I have come here this lifetime. You are the reason I survived. You are my purpose for getting up each morning and sharing my truth. You make my life viable. Thank you for that. I know I can convey a lot with my words, but I am not sure I will ever be able to convey how incredibly important you are to me.

You are my lifeline to sharing my truth. You are the conduit to creating world peace. You are the source to uplift humanity. You are truth, sincerity and love personified. Thank you for being receptive to me. Thank you for applying what I share in your lives. Thank you for all that you are as a beautiful energy flow, individually and collectively.

Happy Birthday to me, because of you!

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