Contemplation vs. Meditation

Meditation is a sacred time to commune with a deeper part of one’s self. But many people find it difficult to settle themselves to the practice. There are a few reasons for that. Some people are so filled up with their “stuff”, that is almost impossible to sit with themselves. Another issue is that these same practices have been used for many centuries and so in some of our past lives, the practice of meditation was bundled with unpleasant experiences. Meditation could be linked with starvation (fasting) or others austerities.

For people who don’t resonate with meditation, may I suggest contemplation and visualization as well. Contemplation is using the imagination and making it so real that one can walk into it and leave the body through the images that they conjure up. It is using the mind as an active participant and pulling all the senses into the experience. It is using the imagination as a jumping off point into the more subtle worlds.

That is why reading is so important for children of every age because it hones their imagination skills. Anything that we imagine is real in a more subtle form. But when we travel there, it can be as real as the physical world. That is why some dreams feel so real; because the are.

If you are not good at meditation, maybe you want to make up some of your own contemplations by going somewhere that is not in the physical world. One suggestion would be Santa’s Workshop that exists on the astral plane. There are many depictions of it in movies and stories. What is great about this is that by going there, you can revamp your whole belief system once you realize that such things of the imagination are indeed real.

If you want to prove this to yourself, make it more conscious. Decide to go to the North Pole and visit. I will even be happy to meet you there. See if you can get to the meeting point with me. I will be in the factory, near the dolls.

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